Bad Mommy Moments

My friend Harmony at Modern Mommy Madness wrote a post about how she nearly wiped her son’s butt with a Clorox Wipe. I’m actually quite sure that I have wiped Lincoln’s mouth with one once, in much the same scenario that Harmony described.

Anyway, her post reminded me of some funny … or horrible, whichever way you wanna look at it … bad mommy moments that I have had just today.

Lincoln woke up early this morning and asked very sweetly for breakfast in bed. I spent about 10 minutes in the kitchen cooking us up some eggs, fruit and veggies. By the time I got back to the bedroom he was back asleep. I woke him up for his breakfast in bed to which he quickly whined, “I didn’t want eeeeeeegggggssss”. I might have threatened to spank him if he didn’t eat it.

He didn’t and neither did I.


Then after I picked him up from school we went out to lunch together. I must have said “dang it”, because Lincoln quickly yelled in Zoe’s Kitchen … “DANG IT, is not a nice word! Why do you always say it?! … Just like you always say BULLSHIT”.

Ugh, thanks son.


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