iPromise and Eating Meat

Let’s talk about my iPromise for this week first. My promise last week was to bring intention and purpose to all of my workouts instead of doing the bare minimum to get through it. I think I did well, I worked hard at CrossFit on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I went to yoga on Tuesday morning and Friday morning and I made a special effort to perform at the best of my ability. I took modifications where I truly needed to, but I also tried to give everything I did a full effort try.

Running is not really an area where I ever half-do things. I have “easy” runs and on those days I really do try to take it easy but that’s intentional and for a purpose. So I don’t include running in my “maximum effort” activities. With that being said I did an easy 5 mile run on Tuesday, a 6 mile tempo run on Wednesday, an easy 5 miler on Friday and my long run for the week was a 10 miler on Sunday.

I’ve been trying to decide all day what my iPromise for this week should be, it would be easy to just make up something and go with it but I really try to put some thought into where I need to focus some effort and energy or to make a change. My iPromise for this week is that I will be ON IT all week … aaaaaand through the weekend. That’s going to be a biggie for me. More often than not I undo all the progress I make through the week by eating shitty on the weekends. And not just like a little shitty, like really really bad. So that is an area I really need to work on and I’m putting it out there for this week.

Next up …. internal turmoil …

I have been craving meat BAD for quite some time now. I really have no idea why. This is the first time that I’ve really felt like this since I stopped eating meat in 2010. Its been so intense lately that I’ve been dreaming of eating a steak. Seriously.

I’ve put some serious thought into this lately. Why did I stop eating meat in the first place? Would I be willing to change my diet if my situation changed? Would I be willing to eat meat to try something new and see if my body responds better with my training? To see if my body feels better in general? Hours of thought has gone into these topics.

I got up this morning and started working on my weekly meal plan and I couldn’t for the life of me decide what I was doing. One second I was writing things down like … steak and veggies and the next second I was marking that out and starting over. Ultimately I decided on several vegetarian meals for the week.

I do my grocery shopping at 3 different stores: EarthFare for specialty items, Costco for bulk items and Publix for everything else. I found myself staring … literally staring at the meat cases at both EarthFare and Costco today. In both stores someone approached me and asked me what I was looking for. By the time I got to Publix I decided this was just freaking ridiculous, if I want a freaking steak that bad … I should just eat one. What’s the big deal? So, thats exactly what I did.

I bought 2 ribeye steaks, some bacon and a pack of chicken sausage. And I’m going to eat it.

I also happened upon this blog post by Healthy Ashley today about the day she stopped being vegan, and many of the things that she described in her blog applied to my thinking about eating meat. I think this is a good healthy perspective that can also be applied to my situation.

So dinner tonight was …


6oz Ribeye Steak (which I cooked perfectly, might I add), asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary, and mushrooms.

So, who knows where we go from here. Right now my plan is to do a sort of semi-paleo thing that I have been considering and see how my body responds. Basically I plan on cutting out dairy and grains (except maybe the day before long runs), but still eating beans and legumes. I’m still planning on eating some vegetarian meals and some meals that include meat. And if I change my mind one way or another, then I’ll re-evaluate. I’m kind of excited. 🙂



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2 responses to “iPromise and Eating Meat

  1. hilary

    I was a strict vegetarian (ovo-lacto, yes) for a decade. Then I started running. My veg habits were good ones (legumes! tofu! herbs! oils! Still love all that stuff, colorful meals) but were based on a sedentary, work-a-day life. Like you, cravings for animal proteins came back hardcore at some point. I went to Chick-fil-A, got a number 8 and never looked back.

  2. This is inspiring. I’ve never liked meat – ever – so the transition is probably going to be more difficult. I’ve never enjoyed steak, chicken, etc, but I’m sticking to it and am going to try it anyway!

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