Hashbrowns Full of Fail

I’m thinking maybe I should rename my blog – “Pinterest. Here let me try that for you”. I’ve been making a lot of recipes from Pinterest lately and usually they turn out well, but occasionally I find a dud. I could probably make an entire blog just testing out recipes and craft ideas, etc that I find on the site.

A couple of days ago I came across this image:


What a brilliant freakin’ idea, huh? Cook hashbrowns on a waffle iron.

So I grated up a big sweet potato, greased the waffle iron up with coconut oil … cause I’m being all cool and paleo like, and then I plopped on the sweet potato shreds and waited … and then I checked…



Plan B: Lube up skillet with coconut oil, burn hashbrowns. Eat them anyway, with bacon and eggs.


This whole meal just felt wrong. Greasy burnt “hashbrowns”, eggs and bacon. This is foreign for me. I’m used to lots of veggies in vibrant colors. This made me feel like a fat kid again. Blech.

Not that it wasn’t tasty, because … man, it was. But it mentally took me back to my 260 pound days when I used to chow down on 2 Chicken, Egg and Cheese Biscuits and 2 orders of Hashbrowns from Chickfila every morning after I got off work. I realize its not the same. But it took me there.

I must try harder. I’m cool with eating the meat, and even the fats and oils, etc … but I gotta work my vibrant beautiful veggies in better also. While I was in the kitchen I went ahead and made up my lunch for work tomorrow.

I tried harder to make something I would actually FEEL healthy eating, this is what I came up with:


Roasted Root Veggies (Parsnips, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Onion)with Sage Chicken Sausage and Italian Tomato Kale.

Do you Paleo types ever get tired of sweet potatoes? Serious question. I see them in damn near every recipe or as a side dish I’ve come across.

Have a great night!



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4 responses to “Hashbrowns Full of Fail

  1. I don’t think the cavemen were too concerned about having a colorful plate.

  2. Eleanor

    No! I love them! Go right ahead with your colorful veggies!!! Just try to stick with more ruminents (red meat) and change it up now and then with the sausage/chicken/fish/pork. My body craves the red meat now and does it good.

    I made bacon wrapped swt potatoes the other night with our eggs for dinner. 😉 http://www.foodrenegade.com/bacon-wrapped-sweet-potato-bites/ (I’d leave the maple syrup since one of the points of Paleo is to break the sweet tooth….also I woudn’t use the amount of salt they suggested but I WOULD add cinnamon to the chipotle.)

  3. Sorry, your picture just made me laugh out loud … 🙂 … so funny how something can come out so differently! I’ll still have to try them myself … that looks like a good idea … oil/starch seems to create a mess for me … I wonder if you greased the waffle iron with spray (or butter) … my hashbrowns usually don’t stick that way … anyway … thanks for sharing everything … still made me hungry! lol

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