Whole30 – Day 8

Still going strong. Being out of town over the weekend and having to eat all my meals at restaurants definitely wasn’t ideal during this strict 30 days, but I honestly tried my best. There were a couple of bumps in the road that technically could be considered breaking “the rules” …

Friday night I ordered a bun-less burger and sweet potato fries at the restaurant we ate at and the fries were covered in cinnamon and sugar. I didn’t know it when I ordered them obviously, but because of lack of other options I ate them anyway. At lunch the day of the Half Marathon I ordered a salad with no cheese and I was halfway through eating it when I realized they had put the cheese on it anyway. Technically according to the book I should start my Whole30 over because of those things, but because they were both completely unintentional I’m just rolling with it.

Yesterday on the way home from Chattanooga we stopped in Birmingham to have lunch with my friend Vanessa. I was craving something light and healthy after eating bun-less burgers, sweet potato fries and steaks all weekend. So we decided to check out Whole Foods.

I could have spent my whole bank account there. It was amazing. Organic grass-fed beef in all cuts you can imagine, beautiful exotic produce, a hot bar with tons of options, the salad bar, the dessert bar. Gah!

I ended up trying a little bit of everything that was allowed.

2012-11-11 13.46.04

And I bought a few things from the deli case to have for dinner at home last night.


Citrus Salmon, Collard Green and Red Cabbage Slaw and Cajun Sweet Potato Wedges. Since ketchup is out for now I dipped my potatoes in mustard.

Today I decided it would be a “Mom and Lincoln Date Day”. I took him to see Wreck It Ralph this morning and then went to lunch together at Earth Fare.

I bought tons of high quality meats and produce while we were there and then headed over to Costco to fill up on my bulk items.

I spent the afternoon in the kitchen doing some prep work for meals later in the week including making my own homemade olive oil mayo. So easy!


Dinner ending up being an original creation inspired by one of my favorite old “fat kid” meals. Ranch & Bacon Suddenly Salad.

Before I learned to cook or cared about my health, I used to inhale an entire box of this stuff in one sitting. Blech!

My healthy Paleo version included: Zucchini ribbons (made with a julienne peeler), cabbage, red onion, bacon, diced chicken thighs, cherry tomatoes and my homemade mayo.



It turned out amazingly well. I’m happy that I’m starting to be able to be more creative with my Paleo cooking. I think I’m actually getting the hang of it.

22 days left to go.



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2 responses to “Whole30 – Day 8

  1. It’s funny you have an EarthFare in Montgomery but not a Whole Foods. Whole Foods is nice, but of course expensive. We have Whole Foods and Fresh Market here. Fresh Market is not as big into the organic/fresh/vegan stuff, but also not as expensive. I’ve shopped at both at various times, and usually because I was looking for something specific but it’s not somewhere I would do my daily shopping.

  2. Eleanor

    Great job!!! Here is my fav and easiest way to make mayo now.

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