Whole30 Done.

Daaaaaaay 30. I survived. I might even dare to say I thrived.

Although I won’t know the official scale results until tomorrow I already outlined the great benefits I’ve noticed. Tomorrow I’ll give you the results and talk about what I’m going to do from this point. Today I’ll just talk about today.

I woke up this morning with some pretty gnarly bruises.

2012-12-04 09.57.34 2012-12-04 09.58.37

The clavicle bruise I totally understand. I have a really prominent left clavicle and yesterday’s Clean & Jerks were the devil on that. I’m kind of concerned that my shins bruised so easily. Must remember to mention to a doctor.

Anyway … my schedule today called for an easy 6 mile run. I wore my heart rate monitor and made it my mission to keep my heart rate just below 140.

The first couple miles were awesome, but the longer I ran the more my heart rate increased and the more I had to slow my pace. Super frustrating on a day my legs were ready to GO! I fought the urge to sprint out my last half mile.

9:06, 9:04, 9:13, 9:21, 9:28, 9:33

I ended up finishing with a average heart rate of exactly 139.

Breakfast was the last of my leftover Puerto Rican Beef. I’m sad to see it go.

I had a late lunch of Tuna Salad before heading to CrossFit.


Tonight’s WOD was:

20 Minute AMRAP Teams of 4
a. 200M Run
b. Pullups
c. Weighted Situps
d. Rest
*There will be a team member at each station posted above. Each member will work on the movement they are stationed at until the person running returns. Once the runner is back everyone will rotate to the next station.

We only had a team of 3, so it made it a little bit confusing. Not my favorite WOD of all time, but still a good workout.

I rushed home afterwards to meet my friend Drew, who came over for dinner tonight and to keep me company while the hubby is out of town. Stand-in hubby, if you will. I even made him take out the trash.

We made: Mustard Sage Baked Chicken Thighs from Practical Paleo, roasted butternut squash and asparagus.


I had a banana later for “dessert”.

And with that, my Whole30 is done. See you tomorrow!


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