Day 31 – What Now?

I got a text this morning from my friend, Danyalle, who wanted me to come try a new class at the Y called AMRAP. So I rushed off to take the little man to school and had just enough time to hit the treadmill for the “meat” portion of my scheduled 7-mile tempo run before the class started. I ditched the warm-up and cooldown and just did the 5 mile fast part of the run.

I forgot my iPod, so I had a chance to spend some time thinking about what I want to do next as far as eating goes. Changing from being a vegetarian to eating Paleo then to the Whole30 has been a big adjustment. I have really enjoyed both ways of eating. I enjoyed the vegetarian cooking more I think, but I feel physically better with the Paleo eating.

So I think where I want to go from here is what my friend Barb refers to as “Paleo Light”. Basically I want to eat Paleo whenever possible but adding back in a couple of things that the Whole30 program didn’t allow: natural sweeteners like honey, agave and maple syrup. I also want to add back in wine and cheese occasionally. Well, wine regularly… cheese occasionally.

Things that I haven’t missed, I see no reason in re-introducing at all.

I don’t want to schedule cheat days or meals. When I do cheat I want to make sure that it’s something so totally worth it and special that I won’t feel guilty. Guilt is no longer allowed in my life in regard to food.

My husband lost 18 pounds during his Whole30, but he still has a significant amount of weight to lose. For that reason, I might decide to do the Whole30 program again soon to support him in his weight loss efforts. Or anytime I’m feeling like I’m getting off track.

And then you’ll get to read my day by day accounts all over again. Yay! … Just kidding! I wouldn’t do that to you.

Today’s breakfast was a Steve’s Original Paleo Krunch Bar:


I ordered a few items and a seasonal sampler pack from their website to try.


After my run and the AMRAP class I went to, I decided to take myself on a lunch date to Zoe’s kitchen. I ordered the Steak Kabobs with roasted veggies and substituted slaw for the roasted potatoes it normally comes with.

2012-12-05 11.20.05

I had some time after lunch before the little man got home from school, so I thought I’d run around and do some Christmas shopping, but I actually ended up deciding that I really just needed some time to rest. Resting and relaxing are not things that come easily to me, but they are still important things. I’ve worked really hard lately, so I’m taking the next 24 hours and having myself a “lay down day”.

I’m playing Wii with my son, making Christmas cookies (that I don’t plan on eating), watching movies and laying around. I don’t even plan on changing out of my pajamas.

As a matter of fact I’m laying in the yard right now…

P1070275 2012-12-05 15.20.55

Oh, and I almost forgot … for those who are wondering, I lost 8 pounds during my Whole30.


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