S.M.A.R.T. Goals

My friend Devan wrote a blog recently about setting goals using the SMART method. Before I read her blog I hadn’t actually heard of SMART, but it makes so much sense.

Set goals that are:
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

There are always things to improve on, and I have lots of them, so I decided to go ahead and make a SMART goal of my own. It would be easy to set goals that are easily attainable, such as “exercise 3-4 days a week”, but that is not a problem area for me personally.

I spent some time thinking about where I really truly need to make improvements in my life and what I’ve discovered (or really already knew) is that my problem is food. Specifically binge eating.

So my SMART goal is to: Log all food and drink that I consume for 30 days straight.

WHO: Me.
WHAT: Log all food.
WHEN: Every day.
WHY: To become more aware of what I’m eating/drinking.

Measurable: 30 day time period, all meals/all snacks/all drinks.

Attainable: This is definitely something I can do. I have a computer and a phone app that I can use to log which makes it convenient.

Realistic: 30 days is a realistic amount of time for this goal.

Timely: Starting tomorrow and ending January 9th.

Here we go!


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  1. how did i miss this?! thanks for the link 🙂

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