Killer, Fun and Meh

I’ve been watching entirely too many re-runs of the CrossFit Games on ESPN2 the last couple of nights before bed. I’ve had some crazy dreams because of it.

Our workout last night was a “fun” one. I’ve pretty much decided that CrossFit workouts fall into 3 categories: “Killer”, “Fun” and “Meh”.

Killer = OMG, that effing sucked it was so hard.

Fun = I worked really hard but I didn’t feel like I wanted to die, and it was kind of fun.

Meh = That didn’t challenge me enough today.

Obviously, fun is my favorite. I rarely meet a “meh”, but it has happened once or twice.


Back Squat: 2 x 10 (I did 75 lbs)
2 x 5 (did 95 lbs)
1 x Max Effort Reps @60% of 1RM (Did 85 lbs, 17 reps)
Dips: 5 x 8-10
*the dips are to be performed between each Back Squat Set*

I’m getting so much better at my back squats, and I even think I might like them.


90s ME KB Swings (35#, Did 44)

-rest 1 Min.

4 Min. AMRAP
15 Hand Release Pushups
10 Situps
(Did 3 rounds)

-rest 1 Min.

4 Min. AMRAP
15 Squat Jumps (weighted if possible)
10 Pullups
(Did 2 1/2 rounds)

-rest 1 Min.

90s ME KB Swings (35#, Did 40)

2012-12-17 18.28.44

I’m thinking maybe Tim didn’t find this one “fun”.

2012-12-17 18.29.22 2012-12-17 18.29.26


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