Health/Performance Challenge & Whole30 Day 4

Turkey legs are weird.

You’d think eating a turkey leg would be like eating a giant chicken leg, but it’s not.


Tonight’s dinner was Sage Baked Turkey Legs and Sweet Potato Pancakes from Practical Paleo with a small spinach salad.

I felt like I went straight CAVEMAN on that turkey leg. It wasn’t pretty. The meat is tougher and more difficult to eat than chicken legs. The flavor was great, but next time I’ll stick to chicken.

The potato pancakes on the other hand were “Oh Em Gee” good. I was supposed to save a couple for breakfast in the morning, but I couldn’t.

I finally got to workout today. Today was the beginning to the Health and Performance Challenge at CrossFit Intrigue that I talked about previously.

My starting stats are as follows (I know I said I wasn’t weighing myself during Whole30, but I obviously had to for this challenge):

Weight – 149
Body Fat % – 29.88

I also had several body measurements done. Our WOD was:

2013-01-05 08.21.38

Unfortunately, the clock stopped running in the middle of the WOD so we won’t be able to use this for part of our challenge to reassess in 6 weeks. We’ll have a make-up WOD on Thursday instead.

I played around with some numbers on this website today to try to figure out what I thought I might be able to accomplish for the challenge. I’d love to get to 24% body fat, which according to my calculations would mean losing 9 pounds, which correlates to 1.5 pounds per week. I think that’s totally doable! Seriously though … I’m not worried one way or another. I’ll do my best and see what happens.

On a final note, I made a Facebook page for my blog Eat to Live, Live to Run so you guys can “like” it and follow me there also. It’s a work in progress, but it’s coming along.

Have a great night!


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