Ok, Fine. Just One More.

Well, less than 2 weeks ago I was quoted saying “this shit is bullshit” in regards to running marathons. Ten days after I said that I’m already registered for another 26.2 …


The Chicago freakin’ Marathon!

The registration opened on Tuesday at noon, and Active.com’s servers were immediately flooded with thousands of people all trying to register at once. With some persistence and a lot of cursing, I was able to get myself, the hubby and Drew registered.


Shortly after I finished the registration process, the entire operation was shut down until they are able to fix the problem which they are now saying will be February 28th at the earliest. I’m feeling very fortunate to have gotten in when I did!

Last night I had a dream that I found out I was pregnant. At breakfast this morning I told the hubby he better keep his men away from me for atleast 8 more months! I’m not missing this one!

See you in Chi-town!



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