Excuse My Absence

So, it’s been like 3 weeks since I’ve blogged. Gah! Sorry! I’m still here, I swear. I’ve been spending my time lately doing other things.

Like … flying kites. And playing with my son.

429614_10200786619091417_2110287626_n 602251_10200786827936638_261734097_n

And taking pictures of my friends in vulnerable moments …


20130124_173412 20130309_112119

And of my kid when he makes me laugh …


599082_10200768775965350_1325249495_n 563067_10200670877437948_1241062791_n

And I’ve been cooking …

625551_10200704650642257_12019298_n 543783_10200670314583877_1297203060_n

524835_10200709208796208_1235646088_n 421804_10200683243827100_155962140_n

And eating Fried Moon Pies …


Oh yes, that happened.

And working …


And there’s been some running …


So yeah, life’s been getting in the way lately. But it’s been good 🙂


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