Staying Fit While Injured

I don’t really want to throw the term “injured” around too much, because I haven’t been to a doctor for any sort of diagnosis but I think its safe to say that I’m atleast a little hurty-hurt. After almost a week off running I was feeling confident that my achilles was healed up from the pain I experienced during the Georgia Half Marathon, my second race of the double I pulled off last weekend.

On Saturday I found out differently. I met up with The Usuals for our typical Saturday morning run in downtown Montgomery and knew within 1.5 miles that I wasn’t 100% better. While most of the run I felt absolutely fine, there were about 5 or 6 times where when I turned a corner or the ground was slightly uneven that I felt a sharp stabbing pain run up my leg from the achilles. I ended up finishing out 5 miles with some walking breaks, but I know I need more time off before attempting to run again.

Soooo … I spent some time this morning searching the internet for some low impact cardio workouts that I could do in the meantime. I’m still going to CrossFit and modifying my workouts to eliminate jumping and running, but I like long cardio workouts that mimic the cardiovascular demand of running. I was hoping I would come across something I hadn’t thought of before, but this was all I got …

 PEDAL_EXERCISER_Mini_Cardio_Exercise_Bike_New_01_pwm 11g110327185_crop 31a32ab7c0d2255f4d74f38d3b46147b

Ummm, no thanks.

So for now I’ll be sticking with the traditional elliptical, rowing and cycling sessions until I feel like I’m ready to try running again.




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4 responses to “Staying Fit While Injured

  1. Molly

    Do you have access to a pool? I just ran my first half on Sunday and now have an Achilles tendon issue myself today after going on an easy 3-miler. Anyway, I just purchased a jogging belt to wear in the pool from Amazon and am planning to do some “jogging” in my pool as soon as it gets here. Just a thought. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  2. Molly

    BTW what are those things in the bottom picture?! Looks like a good way to twist your ankle or worse. And the lady with the hand thingy – hilarious!

  3. Molly

    OK I’m a little obsessed with the Achilles problem at the moment so please bear with me. Have you done any eccentric calf muscle exercises? You can see how it is done here: . I did these exercises a few weeks ago when my left Achilles was messed up and it got better within a few days. I’m doing them now for my other leg; will have to see if it works as well this time. Hope this helps. . .

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