June Paleo Challenge – Days 1-3

Every month CrossFit Intrigue has some sort of optional challenge that members can participate in. Last month the challenge was a physical one: 2 minute max effort – burpees, box jumps and air squats, one movement each week. I came in 2nd place.

Thiiiiiiiis month the challenge is a nutritional one: eat Paleo all month. Points are awarded for compliance and deducted for cheats. Since I’ve done a Paleo “challenge” (Whole30) before and eat that way most of the time anyway, there is really no reason I shouldn’t win this thing. And there are prizes at stake. <— I almost wrote “steak”. See I even think Paleo. 😛

I’m probably more excited about this challenge than I really should be, but because I’ve struggled with injuries so much lately I really need something that I can focus on. I feel like when I don’t have a plan, a calendar, to-do lists, etc … that I’m just floundering around aimlessly.

So I do things like this:


I can’t decide if I’m just super prepared, or a complete freak. It is what it is, I guess.

The challenge. Back to that.

It officially started Saturday, so naturally I blew it out on Friday night with chocolate and copious amounts of wine. Tim got cold busted by one of our coaches purchasing said chocolate. COLD BUSTED.

Saturday morning it was ON though. I got up and headed to CrossFit for a super fun Team WOD. We started with a Musical Med Ball, Bear Crawl warm-up …

It was a unique warm-up for sure. But it definitely worked.

Our WOD was a fun one as well! In teams of 3, we took turns cleaning (Clean Video) as much weight as possible in 15 minutes. My team of myself, Clint and Matt moved over 5,000 pounds in 15 minutes!

20130601_100335 578053_10201199670938220_1027746442_n

New Clean PR in the midst of that for me too. 105 pounds!

Saturday’s eats:

20130601_115252 20130601_181746 945423_10201256077267578_1230471090_n

Oh yeah … either 6oz of wine or 2 oz of tequila is required allowed on this challenge per day.

Sunday I ran my longest distance in nearly a month, 5 miles! Our friend Lauren and I, met Tim at the mid-point of his 10 miler and finished it out with him. Hopefully my legs will continue to cooperate.

Sunday’s eats:

Screenshot_2013-06-03-15-19-23 20130531_071840 20130602_114519 20130602_181701

I was hungry ALL.DAMN.DAY.

Apparently I can run 5 miles, but eat like I ran 10. Or maybe its because I had to watch Lincoln eat popcorn when we went to the movies and I was hangry about it.

All in all, still a successful day.

Today I’ve had another spin on sausage and sweet potatoes for breakfast. This time cubed the potatoes and roasted them with Chinese 5-spice. Lunch was a weird mixture I concocted of lettuce, canned tuna, cherry tomatoes, avocado, Paleo Bang Bang Sauce and salsa. And dinner will be Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs.

Hopefully if I can show some self-control and sabotage my husband, over the next 27 days, I’ll complete and maybe even win this challenge.



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2 responses to “June Paleo Challenge – Days 1-3

  1. Yeah, but were you eating said chocolate on the park bench just outside the store’s doors?

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