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Montgomery Half Marathon Training Begins

I’m finally getting back on track since my surgery and its time to start getting down to business with the Half Marathon training. You might remember a couple months ago I wrote a blog about Running with Structure where I mapped out my training plan for the upcoming Montgomery Half Marathon based loosely on Hal Higdon’s Advanced Training plan.

August’s plan should look something like this:


I haven’t been super strict on myself recently since I’m just trying to get back in the groove of training. I got behind during my recovery. Today was my first “long run” since June.

I met up with a group in Downtown Montgomery this morning for a Half Marathon training run, my schedule called for a 90 minute run but I planned on doing 8 miles in however long it took me. I figured even that would be a stretch since my longest run in over a month has only been 5 miles.

I woke up at 4:00 am, I like to give myself plenty of time to wake up and get my things together before a run. We met at the Alley Bar downtown at 6:00.

I’ve never been good with directions and I don’t know this area of town as well as I should, so I was really glad to have a group to run with.

Our route looked like this:

We kept a conversational easy pace and I had no trouble.

I ran 8 miles in 1:12. 

 After the run Tim and I headed to the Farmer’s Market for fresh veggies, but we detoured to Mimi’s Cafe for breakfast. We were both HANGRY!


Do you get freezing cold after exercising? The cool air inside the restaurant felt ice cold, I was shivering. I grabbed my scrub jacket from the car and coffee was definitely a must.


Bondi band + scrub jacket = a pretty crazy looking combo.

I saved my muffin for later and ordered the Capri Omelet.


Tim got the French Toast.


He was lusting after my omelet, so we decided to go splitsies.  My plate ended up looking like this:


I can assure you my horrible cellphone pictures did not do this meal justice. It was amazing! I’m sure I ate every last calorie back that I burned during my run and probably more.

But who’s counting?

After breakfast we hit the Farmer’s Market. I loaded up on fresh veggies for the week.


Tomatoes, cucumber, Pink Eye Peas and onions.

Now I’m off to bed, I signed up to work an extra shift tonight. $$$$


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Tokyo & Shakespeare

Last night Tim and I decided to declare it a “family date night”, which basically means that we do something that our whole family will enjoy. Even though we are hardcore saving money right now, we enjoy going out to dinner together on a regular basis and I think we can squeeze that in to the budget.

A little self timer pre-date action …


I’ve been craving Japanese food lately, so we thought we’d try a new place that we haven’t been to before called Tokyo.

I ordered the Vegetable Hibachi meal and a Fresh Green Roll.


Avocado, asparagus and cucumber. Mmm! 🙂

For those of you who have wondered how I eat sushi and am a vegetarian. That is your answer. The name sushi actually refers to the rice and not “raw fish”. Its a common misconception.

The Vegetable Hibachi was also delicious.


I’ve never ordered a vegetable hibachi dish that included tofu. I really liked it. I ate about half and gave the rest to Tim. Although his meal also looks delicious I could see where it might not be very filling for a man.


After dinner I wanted to hit up Kmart to check out the clearance toys, they were having an extra 50% off the clearance prices. I bought several things for Lincoln for Christmas.

Lincoln had a fun time sword-fighting with Daddy while I shopped. I’m sure everyone around just loves us when we go out.


The night ended perfectly with icecream.


Snickers blast with KitKat topping. A little too much for me, I had a couple bites but ending up preferring Tim’s Cake Batter icecream.

This morning the alarm went off super early for a Saturday, at 5:00. I came very close to turning it off and going back to bed. I’ve been really trying to make an effort to get up early and go running with the River Region Runners group at Blount Cultural Park (i.e. Shakespeare). I finally woke up a bit and decided to go for it.

I had a great 4 mile run at a easy conversational 8:58 pace.

After the run I decided to head over to the Farmer’s Market to pick up fresh veggies for the week. On the way over my stomach was talking to me so I just haaaaad to stop at Panera Bread and have breakfast.

I got a Spinach & Artichoke Soufflé.


It was divine! I just wished I had looked up the calorie content before I ordered it instead of while I was eating it. For that many calories it should have kept me full all day, but I was starving again 3 hours later.

At the Farmer’s Market I picked up some:

  • Green Tomatoes
  • Red Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Green Beans
  • Pink Eye Peas

I’m going to make an awesome veggie plate for dinner tonight. Tim has requested Fried Green Tomatoes, but insists on making them himself. We’ll see how this goes!

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Farmer’s Market Dinner

Short post tonight, I’m already getting really sleepy. I’ve been back at work the past 3 nights. I slept for a short while today and then went to the gym for a vigorous 1 hour elliptical workout. I read my book while I worked out, my favorite perk of the elliptical.

Saturday morning after I got off my 12 hour shift at work I headed over to the Farmer’s Market that I promised myself I would shop at as soon as I was earning money again.

I bought local bell peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. I really wanted to buy a few other things, but I was so exhausted after work that I decided not to walk around any longer.

Tonight I made a Farmer’s Market inspired dinner.

Stuffed Bell Peppers with Sage Roasted New Potatoes.


We also splurged on a $6.99 bottle of wine. 😛

I told myself last week that I wasn’t going to drink any more alcohol until after my Half Marathon in October. What was I thinking? That can never happen. I drank about 1/2 of the bottle. Probably explains the sleepiness.

Now I’m off to sell anything and everything possible on eBay. Have a great night 🙂

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It Doesn’t Take Much

It doesn’t take much to excite me. I get thrilled by the simplest of things. Today has definitely been thrilling already.

I had a crazy dream last night and woke up in a panic at about 4:30 this morning. Since my alarm was set to go off at 5:00 anyway I just stayed up and diddled around on the internet for a while.

The hubby and I met up with some R3 friends this morning at my favorite park for a group run.


The group meets every Saturday at 6:30 am, but I’ve never been up early enough on a Saturday to go. I think I’m going to start making a serious effort to make it a regular thing though. It definitely started my day off right and I’ve been in a great mood ever since.

I ran an easy 4 miles in 36:52. A nice recovery pace.

It was so nice to get back out on the road! I’ve been treadmillin’ it for so long now because I can’t get my ass out of bed early enough to beat the heat that I had almost forgotten how much I love the roads!

My route:


I love seeing those little maps of where I ran. See … it doesn’t take much.

After our run we headed over to the Farmer’s Market and to run a few more errands.

I was in a silly mood.

There was so many delicious local fruits and veggies at the Farmer’s Market, I wanted to buy them all.

I could have easily spent a lot of money, but instead I decided to leave empty handed. Tim and I promised each other that as soon as we find out when I’ll be able to go back to work we will start buying our weekly produce at the Farmer’s Market instead of the grocery store. Its important to me to buy locally.

One thing I’ve never seen before there that I really liked was local Organic Milk, unfortunately it was $7 a gallon though.

We went to Publix to get a couple good deals that I had coupons for while we were close-by. This is what really made my day …


The grand total for all of that …


Oh yeah baby!

This one isn’t quite as impressive, but we also picked up a few good deals at Walgreens.


2 Men’s Old Spice Body Wash, 2 Deodorants, a Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor and Colgate toothpaste for $11.02.

Not bad. 🙂

Lunch was leftover Stuffed Jumbo Shells from last night and what else but …. corn.


For some reason these shells turned out even better than usual. I used my basic recipe and substituted ingredients based on what I had on hand. I ended up using a combo of:

  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini
  • Yellow Onions
  • Spices

It was out of this world.

Now I’m off to continue this wonderful Saturday with my family and a birthday party this afternoon.

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