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Since I wrote last …

Alot has changed since the last time I blogged. A whole lot.

In chronological order:

  • I completed the Gulf Coast Pensacola Half Marathon on April 15th as a training run for my upcoming marathon.
  • I quit my job as a Labor and Delivery nurse and I’m now a (mostly) stay at home mom. I will be teaching some clinicals in L&D for nursing students starting in September.
  • I completed and PR’d my 2nd marathon on April 28th at the Country Music Marathon in Nashville with my best friend!

CMM 535513_3854324040196_1341175325_3562352_773719369_n

My official time was 3:57:20! That’s 16 minutes better than my time at the Rocket City Marathon.

My Dailymile post from the race:

Tough course and tough conditions today. The sun was absolutely brutal. Lots of long rolling hills. With that being said I had an absolute blast. Really enjoyed running with Drew T, he had a lot of faith in me today that I didn’t have in myself.

We started shortly after 7:00 and didn’t have too rough of a time with the crowds, certainly nothing like New Orleans, as the streets were much wider and in much better condition here. We were actually in the porto-potty line when the race was about to start and knew we didn’t have time so we gave up our spot and jumped in the corral just in time.

The sun was beating down on us and people were already commenting on it by mile 3-4. Around mile 5 I had to stop for that porto-potty break I didn’t get at the beginning. The bands, crowds, race support and adrenaline made the first 11 miles go by very quickly.

At the 11 mile mark the Half Marathons split from the Full Marathoners and the situation changed quite a bit. Not nearly as much race support, water stops or cheerleaders past that point.

Filled up my water bottle at almost every water stop. Ended up drinking either 6 or 7 full bottles of water throughout the race. Took 3 or 4 Gu’s and several salt tabs.

At around mile 18 my Garmin started complaining that the memory was full and I could no longer see my mile splits. Relied on Drew T. to keep us on track. At mile 22 the battery went completely dead. But I knew we were running on target for very close to a 4 hour finish. At about mile 24 Drew T.started cramping, and slowing … and I slowly pulled ahead of him. Kept looking back to see him, knowing he’d pull back up soon. I was torn between running "my" race and staying with my friend and coach. I knew he would tell me to do my thing though.

Ran like hell the last 2.2 miles hoping for that 4 hour finish since I no longer had any way of knowing my time or pace. Crossed the finish line feeling sore and happy and 100 times better than at Rocket City Marathon. Drew finished a little over 3 minutes later at 4:00:48.

Glad to be out of the sun, with a full belly, some Fat Tire and Blue Moon, my foam roller and some downward facing dog. Woot!

  • Lots of running, lots of Hot Yoga and lots of Box Mania.


  • Decided to add fish back into my diet, making me a pescatarian instead of a vegetarian. Still not 100% sure where I stand on this, so this could change. It’s certainly has its health benefits as well as much easier when eating out. We’ll see what comes of it.

Looking forward to the Montgomery Half Marathon in October, Chickamauga Half in November, Louisiana Half in January and maybe a few others that I haven’t decided on yet.

Which brings me to right now … heading to yoga and then back home to make some yummy Farmer’s Market Quesadillas.


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