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Weekly Review

Miss me much? Yes, I’m still alive. I survived the work week … atleast until Tuesday night.

I didn’t sleep well today. Lincoln kept coming in and out of the bedroom and waking me up. I got up about noon and made a really random lunch.

Shrimp Scampi, pasta and green beans. It probably wasn’t the most nutritious thing in the world considering the shrimp was frozen, the pasta came from a box and the green beans were canned. But hey, it could have been worse!

After lunch Tim and I headed out for our weekly long run. We were scheduled to do 7 miles this week, but Tim didn’t get the chance to do his 9-miler last week so he wanted to make it up. I however, wasn’t interested in running any more than I was scheduled since I didn’t sleep well today. We went out to Fort Toulouse for our run. I like this route because its FLAT, and its 2.5 miles long from one end of the road to the other. Oh and … it has a bike lane. Its a great running spot.

It was frrrreeeezing cold outside, but I just couldn’t stomach doing my long run on the treadmill today so we decided to tough it out outside. I dressed really warm with 2 long sleeve shirts on, ear warmers and gloves.


It was a pretty decent run considering how tired I was. I did 7 miles in 1:00:47. My splits were:

Mile 1 – 8:32
Mile 2 – 8:30
Mile 3 – 8:31
Mile 4 – 8:42
Mile 5 – 8:53
Mile 6 – 8:50
Mile 7 – 8:45

After I finished my 7 miles, I sat in the car and tried to warm up and read a book while Tim finished his 9 miles. I also did some really good stretching because my calves were feeling extremely tight.

For dinner tonight I made steak, corn on the cob and broccoli with cheese sauce. It wasn’t the best thing I ever ate, but it filled my belly.

Today finishes out the first week since I started my December Goals. Here’s my self-assessment of how I did:

Take Vitamins Daily – I’m gonna give myself a B for this one. I tried really hard to take them everyday, but I think I might have missed a day or two while I was working.

No Snacking On Other Peoples Food At Work – A+, I did great on this one. I didn’t touch a single bite of snack food that anyone brought to work this week. There were a couple times where I came really close. Last night I actually picked up a pack of chewy Sprees and put them back down when I remembered my goals.

Stay Within Allotted Points – A+, I’m finishing out the week with about 10 uneaten Activity Points. I did eat all of my daily and weekly points and 15 Activity Points, but I honestly think I need atleast that much because of the amount of exercise I’m doing.

Track Points Everyday – A, Not a problem! I think I might have forgotten to count a couple small things like hot chocolate, but overall I did great with my tracking.

Weigh and Measure All Food – B, I have a tendency to eyeball things and I caught myself doing it a few times this week with cheese, sour cream, etc. At this point though I can pretty accurately eyeball serving sizes of most things.

Minimize Sweets – C, I ate sweets almost every single day this week. (And I’ll probably have some later tonight) But I haven’t gone completely overboard with it. I don’t know why I have a sweet tooth all of a sudden lately, its not normal for me.

Concentrate on Nutrition – B-, I really tried to make sure I ate balanced meals this week, but I’m not gonna lie I dipped into the Doritos a few times.

No Binges РB+, I had one binge moment this week with graham crackers and peanut butter, but I recognized that I was starting to binge and threw the rest of the crackers I was shoveling in my mouth into the garbage.

Stop Eating When Satisfied – C, I kept eating after I knew I was satisfied several times this week. I need to work on this the most!

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. Although I haven’t been posting my weigh-in results lately I wanted to say that I am secretly hoping to hit my goal weight in the morning. I know I’m really close, and I’m hoping tomorrow will be the day. I’ll definitely let you know. Have a great night!



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Last Weigh-In Day Post

I have decided that after today I’m not going to post my weight every week. I feel like the scale doesn’t always reflect the work that I’ve done and I don’t want anyone (including myself) to get discouraged by that. I’ve been bouncing up and down alot lately, and rather than focus on the ups and downs of the scale I would rather focus on my nutrition and activity.

The bottom line is that I have lost 100 pounds! Whether I gain a pound this week, or lose 3 pounds next week really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. The important thing is that I’m active and healthy and that the scale continues to ultimately go in a downward direction. I have about 15-20 more pounds to lose and that might take me 6 weeks or 6 months. Who knows? I’ll definitely let you know when I hit my goal weight though. I will also continue to update my weight tracker at the top of the page.

So … for my final weigh-in post, I gained 0.4 lbs this week. I’m not surprised at all by this, if anything I’m surprised it wasn’t more than that. I did ok on my activity this week, but I had a couple of rough days with my eating.

I’ve been thinking about training for a half-marathon. A friend of mine gave me this article out of a magazine that she found. The only problem I have with this training program is that it seems pretty strict. Because of my odd work schedule I won’t always be able to do everything as its posted here. I think I could probably use this as a basis for creating my own custom training program though that would fit my work schedule better.


What do you think of this plan? Do you know of any other training programs that might be better? Would it be reasonable for me to change this around to comply with my work schedule better?

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Callaway Gardens Trip


We got up early yesterday morning to drive to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia to spend the day. It was about a 2 hour drive, but it went by really fast. I haven’t been to Callaway since I was a small kid so I really didn’t remember anything about it, but I saw on the website that they had a 10 mile bike trail that I wanted to try.

It was almost lunch time by the time we got to Callaway, so we decided to eat at one of their restaurants in the gardens. I was really hoping it would be a nice little deli type place, but they only had just a very few items on the menu. Hamburgers, hotdogs, paninis, french fries … things like that. They did have veggie burgers and veggie hotdogs, but I didn’t know what kind they would be. So I ordered what I thought was probably the healthiest thing there.


After lunch we got our bikes all set up and cruised around the park for a while. We never could find the beginning of the bike trail, but we managed to get on it somewhere in the middle and just rode around to the different attractions.


We ended up riding just under 13 miles for the day. It was great! Lincoln was really good riding in his trailer behind my bike and he slept alot of the time. We stopped at the Butterfly Gardens and the Vegetable Gardens. I wanted to go see the chapel, but every time we rode by Lincoln was asleep. My favorite thing was the sundial, I was suprised at how accurate it was.


We left Callaway when they closed and headed back home. I was starving after riding so much on the bike, so we stopped for dinner at Mimi’s Cafe. I went in planning to eat something light and healthy, but somewhere along the line one thing turned into another and I ended up with: a steak, potato, salad, bread, 2 beers, and dessert. For dessert I had the sampler thingy with bread pudding, a brownie and apple crisp.

I literally felt sick. I haven’t felt that bad after I’ve eaten in a really long time. I can’t believe I used to do that to myself pretty much every single day. And why I chose to do it the night before weigh-in is beyond me. Thankfully I was still down this morning when I weighed in, but not as much as I was the other day when I cheated. I weighed in at 159.8, putting me at 100.2 lbs lost!

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Official Race Results and Weigh-In Day

I can’t believe I forgot to mention in my last post that I got my official race results from the Big Brother/ Big Sister 5K today.

My official time was 28:50. So pretty close to my estimation. And I finished 38th out of 131 runners. Not bad at all for my first race!

I also forgot to mention earlier that today was weigh-in day. I gain 0.2 lbs this week. I don’t know what’s going on with my body. Its just bouncing back and forth right now. But I know that I’m eating well and exercising plenty so I’m ok with it.

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That’s What I’m Talking About!

I made up for my gain last week by losing 3.8 pounds today! Yeah! I worked hard this week and I’m really glad that it paid off. Well, gotta go get ready for a class for work. Have a great day!

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I Knew The Day Would Come

I went to bed really early last night, and woke up really early this morning so I decided to go ahead and weigh in. I GAINED 3.6 pounds! I’m not that suprised that I gained coming off of almost a 7 pound loss last week, but 3.6 pounds seems excessive. I did good on my eating this week, and my exercising so I truly don’t know what I could have done differently. I’m not going to stress about it though because I know I did my best. Lets just hope next week I get a ridiculous loss!

It probably doesn’t help that we were planning to cook out steaks and twice baked potatoes for Labor Day tonight. But I’m going to do it anyway.

Well, I’m heading to the grocery store to pick up the things I need to make some recipes out of my Frozen Assets book. I’m planning on making 48 individual servings of food to freeze today. Have I gone insane?!

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WTF Weigh-In

I normally weigh-in first thing Monday morning after I go to the bathroom and before I eat anything, butt naked of course. Every 4th week I have to weigh-in in the afternoon though when I wake up because I have to work on Sunday night, and I don’t like weighing in after I’ve been up all night eating and drinking at work. I really hate these weeks because I feel like it skews my results and I usually don’t end up losing much when I weigh in the afternoon, then the next week I’ll drop 3 or 4 pounds.

Anyway … I got up this afternooon and stepped on the scale and I lost 6.6 pounds this week! WTF! Other than the afternoon weigh-in I didn’t do anything differently this week. I even gorged on that cake and icecream this past weekend. I’m not complaining though, I’ll definitely take it.

In other news, I met my August goal of earning 130 APs. I just added them all up and I’m at 135.5 for the month and that doesn’t include what I’m going to do today. So, yay!


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