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Breakfast is Boring

Well hello.


After walking circles around my kitchen for 10 minutes trying to figure out some interesting new breakfast combination, I finally gave up and settled on cereal.

I think the problem is that I’m generally not a huge fan of breakfast food anyway. There is only so many combinations of cereal, eggs, yogurt, oatmeal and waffles I can take. I need something new and exciting.

On a positive note, I finally ate the last of this huge box of cereal from Costco.


I thought it would last FOREVER.

Must research new and exciting breakfast options soon.

I definitely see something like this in my near future …

Yes please!


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Life Changing.

The scan barcode option on Myfitnesspal will change your life. Well, maybe not really, but it is pretty cool. It probably also encourages eating pre-packaged, processed food that comes with barcodes. You win some, you lose some.

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I received a text message this morning when I woke up that my grandfather passed away in the middle of the night.

Today I choose not to be sad.

I learned in the past few days to take nothing for granted, to cherish those you love and to live life to the fullest. Sometimes we need bad situations to remind us of that.

Today I will spend the day at home with my son and my husband doing the things we each love to do. Lincoln will probably play Wii all day. Tim will hang out on the computer. And I will master making these …

We will finish decorating the Christmas tree.

I won’t stress out about the smudges on my hardwood floors, the dishes in the sink or the 6 loads of clothes that are piling up. I will be kind and loving to those I come in contact with and will choose my words wisely.

Today I choose to be happy.

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I got a call last night that Pawpaw isn’t going to make it much longer. I dropped everything and drove the 3 hours to Atlanta to be with my family. We stayed up all night spending time together. This morning I got a call that Lincoln was sick, so I left Pawpaw and rushed home to be with my little man. What a crazy and exhausting 24 hours it has been.

We love you Pawpaw!

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2 Weeks Til the Race

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Mine was spent with good friends and way too much food.


I did stay on track with my running through the holiday week though and even ran a fast (8:04 pace) 5 miles on Thanksgiving Day!

Today is the 2 week mark before the race! Its coming so fast!

Taper time is in full effect now. Today’s run was significantly shorter than last week’s run, only 12 miles. Twelve miles is nothing to sneeze at though!


Today I was thankful for only twelve. After a week of less than ideal eating I felt heavy and sluggish from the start, or maybe it is the fact that the entire first mile is uphill. Who knows?

Started getting more comfortable around the 3 mile mark, but the heavy gusts of head wind fought back at me. Luckily I had my best running buddies with me, so the conversation helped keep my mind of the actual running.

Before I knew it, it was done … and I was relaxing at breakfast drinking a customary post-run beer.

With all the usual suspects.


Headed from breakfast straight to Hot Yoga for some streeeeeeetch.

Unfortunately Hot Yoga wasn’t as amazing today for me as it usually is. I was weak and tired and wanted it to be over almost as soon as it started. I toughed my way through it the best I could and hope that atleast my legs got some benefit.

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Thanksgiving Quinoa Quiche

Have you ever wondered what happens to jellied cranberry sauce when its cooked? No?

Turns out .. not much.

I got a little funky in the kitchen this afternoon.

But first, I started off with a  5 mile run at Fort Toulouse. My legs were heavy and tired still from Sunday’s 21 mile run. They didn’t want to move very quickly so I decided to be ok with that and just enjoyed the run at a slightly slower usual pace for me. The weather was unusual for November, comfortable but more reminiscent of Spring than Fall.

Lunch was inspired by two things … quiche and Thanksgiving.

I started off planning to make my Quinoa Crusted Veggie Quiche that I created a few weeks ago, but then I thought of Thanksgiving dressing and decided to take it in another direction by adding lots of sage and jellied cranberry sauce.

1. Cook 1 cup dry quinoa per package instructions and press into casserole dish.

2. Top quinoa with a layer of sauteed veggies of choice. I used zucchini, onion and mushrooms today.

3. Layer slices of jellied cranberry sauce on top of veggies.

4. Whisk together 8 large eggs and season with salt, pepper and dried sage. Pour on top of dish.

5. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for approximately 23-30 minutes or until eggs are set.

I added a little fresh chopped parsley to mine, but later discovered that I don’t really like parsley afterall.

I served it up with a side of leftover Taffy Apple Salad.


Yum! The total calorie count for the quiche came out to 267 per serving (makes 6).

My snacks for today included this yummy veggie spring roll from Earthfare …

2011-11-22 15.15.20
And a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks, otherwise known by me as a skinnamon.

I double dipped in the exercise today by going to a lovely Hot Yoga class tonight. Lots of hip openers, flows, balance poses and back stretches. But my favorite part is final savasna.

Aaaaaah! All is right with the world when in savasna.

Class let out at 7:30, well after my normal dinner time so my meal was simple tonight.


Subway Veggie Delight flatbread with lettuce, tomato, extra pickles, red onion and black olives … rosemary Veggie Straws and a Michelob Ultra Amber.

Aaaah again. What a great day.


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Another year of life.


Today I joined a new age group!

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