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Food Finds – Kentucky Style

Miss me much? Sorry to bail this weekend, but the little man and I went on a whirlwind trip to visit a friend of mine in Kentucky. My friend Nicole and I (and Lincoln) flew up to Kentucky on Friday to visit our friend Kelli.

I was nervous about flying with Lincoln without the Hubby, but he did great! He was so excited to see the airplanes.



We did a lot of eating out while we were in Kentucky. My most favorite place that we went was Wallace Station. It was a neat little sandwich shop in the middle of nowhere.


I was surprised to see signs in the window saying that the restaurant would be featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network on June 28th.

I was impressed with the vegetarian options they had, especially at such a little hole-in-the-wall place. I ordered the Mediterranean Wrap.

2010-05-30 12.41.42

Deeeeee – lish!

Another food I tried while I was in Kentucky was a Hot Brown. According to Wikipedia a hot brown is:

A Hot Brown is a hot sandwich originally created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, by Fred K. Schmidt in 1926. It was one of two signature sandwiches created by chefs at the Brown Hotel shortly after its founding in 1923. It was created to serve as an alternative to ham and egg late-night suppers.

The Hot Brown is an open-faced sandwich of turkey and bacon, covered in Mornay sauce and baked or broiled until the bread is crisp and the sauce begins to brown. Many Hot Browns also include ham with the turkey, and either pimentos or tomatoes over the sauce, and imitation Hot Browns sometimes substitute a commercial cheese sauce instead of the Mornay sauce, but fans of the dish usually decry this substitution. Some restaurants even offer a ‘veggie brown’ nowadays to attract vegetarians, as the recipe is easy to modify with avocado, or, less commonly, soy burger.

I had my Hot Brown at a restaurant called Ramsey’s. It included: bread, mushrooms, tomato, asparagus, zucchini and ALOT of mozzarella cheese.

2010-05-30 19.30.10

Honestly, It didn’t do alot for me. I wish I would have gotten their zucchini burger or a veggie plate instead. Who can eat that much cheese anyway? It was interesting to try though.

Ramsey’s did have an awesome Key Lime Pie though, that may be the best I’ve ever had.

I also had the most amazing Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pretzels that we randomly found at a grocery store, that I must find again.

All in all I had a great trip, but its always nice to come back home. One plus was that because we were flying into Birmingham instead of Montgomery, I was able to eat at my favorite restaurant, Surin West, today for lunch. I had my usual – Tofu Massaman.


And Veggie Tempura sushi …



Its time for me to get back into my normal routine. Waaay too much eating out, and waaay too little exercise has occured lately. I did run twice (3.1 miles, and 3 miles) while I was out of town though.

Now I’m off to fight the ant infestation that I was welcomed home by.


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Every Trick in the Book

If you’ve been exercising regularly for any length of time you’ve surely had those days where you just weren’t motivated. Maybe you were tired, stressed or just feeling lazy. Today was one of those days for me.

When my alarm went off this morning at 6 am for my run, I just wanted to turn it off and go back to sleep. Instead I forced myself to get up and get ready for my run. I knew that once it was over I’d feel proud that I got out there when it would have been too easy not to.

I have a small arsenal of tricks that I use to motivate myself when I’m having days like this.

1. Turn some lights on! – Its hard to get going (especially early in the morning) if you try to get ready in the dark. I find it much easier to wake up and get motivated if I turn some lights on.

2. Think about others. – On days when I just can’t find my motivation I think of all the people that would love to be able to go out and run, but can’t for various reasons. I try to think of specific people I know or have seen in my life.

This morning I thought of the man I saw driving his electric wheelchair down the road yesterday. I bet he would have loved to be able to get up and run.

3. Think of motivational quotes. – One of my favorite ways to get motivated is thinking of motivational quotes. I usually like short quotes that are easy to remember that I can chant to myself.

One of my favorite quotes (I’m not even sure where I initially heard it) goes something like: There will come a day when you can no longer do this, today is not that day.

I also like: You’ll never regret a run, only a missed run.

Make a list of your favorite motivational quotes to read when you need inspiration.

4. Wear your favorite outfit. – Pretty self-explanatory. Wear something that makes you excited to get up and get going. Today I wore a new Bondi Band that I was excited about with a matching outfit.

5. Go to your favorite workout spot or do your favorite activity. – I never try a new running route when I’m really “not feeling it” that day. Some people may find that trying a new location keeps things interesting, and I love finding new places to run, but on days when I need that extra push to get out there I stick with the tried and true.

6. Have a back-up plan or the 5 minute rule. – Sometimes when I’m not feeling my best I tell myself “just do it for 5 minutes, if you still want to quit then you can”. When I finish that 5 minutes I tell myself, “come on, you can do 5 more!”. I have never quit a run after only 5 minutes when using this method. If you break your activity into 5 minute increments its much easier to mentally prepare yourself instead of saying “I’m going to run for 45 minutes”.

Some days I have to make a back-up plan. If I decide I just can’t follow through with my run I’ll commit to doing something else physical instead. I’ll do the elliptical at the gym and read a book, or I’ll take a spinning class.

Today my back-up plan was music. I’ve been trying some runs without my iPod lately. (More on that later) But today I took my iPod in the pocket of my water bottle just in case I needed to pull it out to get me through.

I didn’t use it.

7. Reward yourself. – Think of a special way to reward yourself for completing your workout. My special reward this morning was a huge omelet!

My omelet contained squash, zucchini and mushrooms sauteed in balsamic vinegar, steamed broccoli, Madras Lentils (tastes kinda like chili) and a sprinkle of cheese.

It was an interesting and delicious combination of flavors.

8. Make it Fun. – Invite a friend to workout with. Make a new exciting playlist. Do something to make your dreaded workout fun.

9. Positive Visualization. – One thing I do when I hit a wall mid-run is to use positive visualization (along with chants) to get me through. I pretend that I am running in my first marathon and I imagine myself coming up on the finish line, finishing strong. I swear, it works.

10. Listen to your body. – Above all else it is important to listen to your body. There is a difference in pushing yourself past a mental barrier and pushing yourself to the point of injury. If your barrier is physical and you risk dehydration or injury by continuing, then by all means stop. If you are sore, sick or injured then take a rest day (or two). Let your body heal itself so that it can go the distance in the future.

What tricks do you use to help motivate yourself?


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Skirt Update and Mexican Bliss

The little man and I ran some pretty boring errands today. The only thing that made it worthwhile was stopping for mexican food. A little known fact about me … I can eat mexican food 24/7 and never get tired of it, especially if margaritas are involved. Today they were not.

2010-05-24 11.57.50

I love this particular restaurant because they have a more extensive vegetarian menu than any of the other places I have been to. I had “Vegetarian Quesadilla #1”.

2010-05-24 12.00.19

When we got back home from our errands I was happy to see that my package from Running Skirts had arrived. I was surprised to find that they sent me not only a running skirt, but also a shirt and a headband. A complete running outfit!


Unfortunately the skirt was a little snug and not flattering. I’m going to send it back for the next size up. Hopefully the next size will look better. The material was really comfortable and I was actually getting excited about running in it.

The top is really cute.


And I love the back …


I briefly thought about going to the gym tonight for either an elliptical session or a spinning class, but I ultimately decided to give myself a rest day since I exercised every day last week. Sometimes you just need a break! I truly believe working out is more mentally challenging than physically challenging most of the time, atleast for me.

Tonight will be about spending time with family, vegging out and relaxing. Aaah! 🙂

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Good morning! This morning I was needing something seriously comforting for breakfast. So I decided on a true southern classic … grits. I love mixing a scrambled egg and a little cheese into my grits, it makes it so much more filling.

Obviously I am no vegan, but one of the things that I have committed myself to is eating more consciously. One of the ways that I plan on doing that is by eating eggs from the chickens my dad raises instead of buying eggs at the grocery store from chickens who live in cramped cages. He has about 20 chickens that live on his property and have ample room to move around and live their lives. Everyday my family collects about 12 eggs.

My mom brought me a huge basket of eggs recently. These are definitely not your grocery store variety. They are still covered in dirt and feathers.


I scrambled an egg and added it to my grits with a bit of shredded cheese.



It was egg-sellent!

I had the best intentions of going on an early morning run today, but when my alarm went off at 6:00 I decided to listen to my body and get some more rest. I don’t sleep well (or long enough) on my 12 hour work nights so I’ll take some quality sleep whenever I can get it. There’s always tomorrow.

Now I’m off to run some boring errands. I’m secretly hoping my Running Skirt comes in the mail today. Have a great day!

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This is Love



Adrenaline GTS 10 = Love.

No time to talk, must break these babies in.

But I will say, 49 people can’t be wrong so I asked my hubby to call up Cindy at Running Skirts today and get me “skirted”. I will soon know what the craze is all about. Stay tuned for my official thoughts on the matter soon 🙂

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This morning when I checked my mail I got a letter from an organization I had never heard of before, but instead of throwing it away something actually caught my eye and made me take a look. The letter was from Rails-to-Trails.


What an amazing idea to turn old unused rail lines into walking/bicycle trails! I immediately went to their website to get some more information.

The mission of Rails-to-Trails as stated on their website is:

to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people.

One of the really cool features on the website is the ability to search for trails in your area. I found several trails in Alabama that I never knew existed.


I encourage you to take a look at the website. Find out about trails in your area, and donate to this worthy cause if possible.


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Please Explain

Running skirts. Function? Fashion? Both? … Neither? I do not get. Please explain.



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