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Quick Food Fixes and My Earth Fare Love Affair

Hellooo Indian food.


Palak Paneer, Vegetable Korma, Indian Rice, Vegan Dumplings.

I have to admit I cheated though.

After a lovely 45-minute Christmas themed spin class this morning at the Y, I headed over to Earth Fare to spend the coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket. $10 off of $50.

I picked up $105 worth of total randomness.


I love that place so much I don’t even care that its ridiculously priced. It brings me pure joy. If its wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Alabama Milk Cherry Icecream Coconut water
Vegan Dumplings Asparagus salad Kale salad
Avocado Hummus Horseradish & Ale spread Vegetable Korma
Honey Delight Cereal Spicy Blue Tortilla Chips Herbal water
Broccoli sprouts PB & Chocolate stars Cannelini Beans
Clif Z Bars Jammy Sammys Whole Weat Flour

So you see, lunch was all pre-packaged ingredients …

Maybe one day I’ll try my hand at making homemade Indian food. Until then atleast I know Earth Fare has my back.

While I was at it I threw some stuff in the crockpot for a quick dinner tonight. I absolutely love crockpot cooking!



Mmmm, Butternut Squash & Black Bean Chili.

Apparently I’m feeling spicy today.


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Life Changing.

The scan barcode option on Myfitnesspal will change your life. Well, maybe not really, but it is pretty cool. It probably also encourages eating pre-packaged, processed food that comes with barcodes. You win some, you lose some.

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So Much To Do!

Aaaah! We are going to Disney World in less than one week. I’m finally starting to get excited. I’ve been too busy lately to even really put any thought into it until now.


But first an update on the knee …

Its been 4 days now since I’ve run which is pretty  much unheard of for me. I don’t think I’ve gone 4 days without running in about a year and a half now.

I have been doing the elliptical in place of running. I have virtually no pain while I’m doing the elliptical. I have still been experiencing some dull pain and aching in general though. It isn’t the same sharp, “I can barely walk because my knee keeps locking up” pain that I felt before, so I guess that’s good. I was really hoping by now the pain would have gone away completely though.

I want to run again. Nothing is the same. But I will give it atleast a full week (which will be Tuesday) and more time if needed. It might be time to see a doctor soon.

Back to the fun stuff …

In preparation for our Disney trip I bought this:

41M5hC mYZL._SS400_
I’ve been wanting one anyway, so this seemed like the perfect time. I can make healthy snacks to have on our long car trip. It should be delivered today.

I’m hoping to make:

  • banana chips
  • dried strawberries
  • sweet potato chips
  • apple chips

I have so much to do before this trip. I really need to start a list so I don’t forget something important.


What is your take on these type of devices …


Tim and I have both always agreed that we would never use a “leash” on our child. Tim is adamantly opposed to it, but I am now considering it for Disney World. I want my child to be able to walk around without me being scared that I’m going to lose him in a crowd.



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The Meal I’ve Been Craving …

I’ve been thinking about this meal for about a week. I found this little packet of seasonings way back in my cupboard and it got me all excited.


Spicy Peanut Bake!

Tim and I used to LOOOVE this stuff on boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Its like Thai “Shake n Bake”, but way awesomer!

When I first found the packet I thought, “too bad we’ll never eat this again”. I started to throw it out, and then I realized I could try it on tofu.

Another thing I have been craving is okra and tomatoes. Although I’ve never really eaten okra and tomatoes in  my life, and probably wouldn’t have unless I was forced … I tasted some at work a couple weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.


I decided to combine my cravings into one meal, along with some yellow squash that I’ve been needing to use up.

With the squash I normally sauté it in olive oil with onions and season it with lemon pepper, but today I wanted to do something different but still simple. I used this recipe.

The results:


Kind of a mushy looking lunch. But I swear it was good!

The star of the show was actually the okra and tomatoes. The tofu was good, but the seasonings were sweeter and not as spicy as I remember it being (maybe because its been in my cabinet for over a year?).

I’m taking the leftovers to work for dinner. 🙂

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Running Skirt Verdict

Several weeks ago I wrote this post about not understanding the point of Running Skirts. I didn’t actually intend for the post to be taken negatively, I meant it in earnest. Is there more to the skirt than fashion? Was there some sort of function of a skirt that I was unaware of as a newer runner? Whatever my intention in writing the blog, it got noticed … alot. Some people answered the questions I asked as I meant them. Other people told me basically, “don’t knock it until you try it”. People definitely had strong opinions and the mere suggestion that I didn’t understand the point seemed to really bother some people.

Cindy at offered “to skirt” me so I could see what the craze was all about for myself. I was really excited to get my skirt in the mail and I was extra excited when I saw the other goodies they sent me!

The first skirt they sent me felt like it was too small. Actually it fit great everywhere except my stomach. I have some loose skin on my stomach from losing so much weight (gaining and losing … gaining and losing) and it looked really unflattering. There was no way I’d ever be able to wear it out in public, so I called them up, explained the problem and sent the skirt back for a larger size. I asked if I could possibly have a black skirt instead of the pink one to help camouflage my sad sad stomach. For whatever reason they sent me back another pink one, maybe they were out of black. Who knows?

Anyway, the same problem was an issue again, but since I had already sent it back once I decided just to give it a try and see what I thought of it and if I really loved it I could buy a black one later or maybe even one with compression shorts underneath that might look a little more flattering on me.

The first thing I noticed was that the material was very comfortable and felt great on my skin! The pockets in the sides of the skirt were roomy and a great functional idea.

As soon as I started running I realized there was a big problem though, the skirt was sliding off of me as I ran. I pulled it back up, and 2 seconds later it was almost falling off my ass! Obviously the bigger size was too big, even though it still looked too tight in the stomach. I was actually really sad about it, I wanted to love it!

I might give it another try in black and maybe with the compression shorts underneath (but then what’s the point of a skirt) to see if that hides some of the not-so-fab flab.

Overall I felt like the positives definitely outweighed the negatives, and the only negative in my situation was a very unique circumstance due to my weightloss.

If you are thinking about trying a running skirt from I would encourage you to go for it! They seem to be very well made, comfortable and functional.

After I get my tummy tuck (in a few years) its gonna be on with the running skirts! 🙂


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Skirt Update and Mexican Bliss

The little man and I ran some pretty boring errands today. The only thing that made it worthwhile was stopping for mexican food. A little known fact about me … I can eat mexican food 24/7 and never get tired of it, especially if margaritas are involved. Today they were not.

2010-05-24 11.57.50

I love this particular restaurant because they have a more extensive vegetarian menu than any of the other places I have been to. I had “Vegetarian Quesadilla #1”.

2010-05-24 12.00.19

When we got back home from our errands I was happy to see that my package from Running Skirts had arrived. I was surprised to find that they sent me not only a running skirt, but also a shirt and a headband. A complete running outfit!


Unfortunately the skirt was a little snug and not flattering. I’m going to send it back for the next size up. Hopefully the next size will look better. The material was really comfortable and I was actually getting excited about running in it.

The top is really cute.


And I love the back …


I briefly thought about going to the gym tonight for either an elliptical session or a spinning class, but I ultimately decided to give myself a rest day since I exercised every day last week. Sometimes you just need a break! I truly believe working out is more mentally challenging than physically challenging most of the time, atleast for me.

Tonight will be about spending time with family, vegging out and relaxing. Aaah! 🙂

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Please Explain

Running skirts. Function? Fashion? Both? … Neither? I do not get. Please explain.



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