Hello, 2nd Trimester!

I was going to wait to write this post until a day when I actually got dressed like a normal human being, but reality is that I live in workout clothes, pajamas and scrubs. I can go weeks without even drying my hair or putting on “regular” clothes. So here it is …

Today I am 13 weeks (+3 days) pregnant. This is the beginning of the second trimester! Woohoo!

I can’t decide if time is going by fast or slow at this point. Day to day flies by, but the weeks are creeping. At this point I’m really anxious to find out whether this baby is another boy or a baby girl. I should know in about a month or so. My gut says girl. But my gut has been wrong before.

The last two weeks I have been feeling MUCH better than I did the previous weeks. I never had any major morning sickness, but my exhaustion level has been off the charts. Many days went by where I couldn’t do much of anything except eat and nap. I was too tired to cook, so there were lots of take-out meals. Thankfully, the exhaustion is now just mild fatigue and I’m able to cook and eat healthy meals again.

Exercise-wise I’ve stuck to almost a normal schedule. I’ve decreased my running mileage slightly compared to pre-pregnancy, but I’ve done something almost every day. This past week’s exercise looked like this:

Monday – 5 Mile Run
Tuesday – 50 Minute Elliptical
Wednesday – 5.2 Mile Run
Thursday – CrossFit
Friday – 2 Mile Easy Walk
Saturday – 8 Mile Run
Sunday – 4 Mile Run

Here’s how everything else is going down:

Weight – Gained 10 pounds. Don’t care.
Cravings – Cashews and cottage cheese.
Aversions – Meat (except ground) and all vegetables especially green ones. Thankfully this is over, made trying to stay Paleo impossible.
Workouts – Running and CrossFit, at almost my pre-pregnancy level. Getting slower with running, but still comfortable. Modifying some CrossFit moves and weights as needed.
Goals – To continue exercising as long as possible. To eat clean, healthy meals going forward with occasional indulgences. To not worry about weight gain as long as I’m meeting my exercising and eating goals.
Looking Forward To – Finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl, and feeling movement.
Special Moments So Far – Seeing baby move and have the hiccups on ultrasound. Finding the baby’s heartbeat on my home doppler at 9w3d.


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Louisiana Half Marathon 2014

On January 19th, I ran the Louisiana Half Marathon in Baton Rouge for the third year! Ever since their inaugural event in 2012 this has been far and away my favorite race. Not only is the course really pretty and almost completely flat, but the weather is typically just right for running this time of year also. The thing that absolutely impresses me the most about Louisiana though is their Finish Festival. They really do it up right. Plus, this race was my PR race last year when I finally broke 1:40 for a half. Lots of good things going on in Baton Rouge.

This year was a little bit different though. The course, the weather and the finish festival were all the same as I expected, but this year I got to experience the Louisiana Half as a pregnant runner! This is a completely new thing for me, when I was pregnant with my son I was still in my obese, pre-runner days. I can say with confidence that I never exercised a single time during that pregnancy.

Quick down and dirty on how this happened and then back to the race: (Ok, not really … you know HOW it happened) but …

On December 9th, I finally bit the bullet and did something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, but never worked the nerve up to do until then. I went for a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon to see about having some post weightloss “work” done. He asked me about plans to have any future children and I told him the truth that Tim and I have been trying on and off for about 5 years to have another baby, but that after being on fertility meds, having surgery to clear out blocked fallopian tubes and a miscarriage that it just wasn’t happening for us. But I couldn’t promise that it would never happen.

Two days later I was ready to schedule my surgery and was about to take a large sum of money out of the bank, but before I did that I decided on a whim to take a pregnancy test … an lo and behold, it was positive.

I’m 12 weeks 3 days pregnant right now, I was just over 10 weeks when I ran the Louisiana Half. I had already decided a long time ago to run the race with Tim this year, but with the news it worked out just perfectly because I didn’t feel up to going all out anyway.

On race morning Drew, Lauren, Tim and I rode the free shuttle bus from our hotel to the start. We all gathered in the gear check building to keep warm before time to head to the starting line.

I have no idea why Tim is tickling Drew’s ear in the above picture.

Anyway …


The race was a blast as usual, and running with Tim was very comfortable … for the most part. There was that once when I had to stop and pee and then almost slung my uterus out of my body running a stupid-fast pace trying to catch back up to him. Uteruses are heavy.

Anyway again …

We crossed the finish line together in 2:11:something, a new PR for Tim!


We immediately headed the the VIP tent (one of the perks at Louisiana for being a member of Half Fanatics). The tent is full of fancy food, all kinds of alcoholic beverages, massage tables, a big screen TV broadcasting the finish line, etc.

I have to admit I was a tiny bit bitter that I couldn’t take advantage of the bottle of free wine, mimosas, beer and bloody mary’s. But I made sure to make up for it in food and CAKE BALLS…

375720_10202974121177602_270340910_n 1527073_10202974121737616_1545459980_n

We relaxed for a little while under the tent and watched the live finish line feed, until the time got close for Drew to be finishing. Then we headed over to watch him finally BOSTON QUALIFY!

That is a big deal, my friends!

A successful weekend all the way around, I’d say. Hopefully we can find a way to make it happen again next year!


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Chickamauga Half Marathon ‘13

Me: 2 – Chickamauga: 1

Finally I’m in the lead! Chickamauga and I had a rough start. In 2011 I had my worst run to date in Ft Oglethorpe, Georgia at Chickamauga Battlefield. You know, the one where I got lost in the rain storm and ended up on the highway after getting chased by a pit bull, and then ran 12+ mile on a hotel treadmill. Yes, I’m still a little bit bitter.

Last year I ran a PR race at Chickamauga and got my revenge.

On Friday morning Tim, Lincoln and I headed up to Chattanooga/Ft Oglethorpe. The race itself is in Georgia, but its just over the border from Tennessee. On the way up, we stopped in Birmingham for lunch at Whole Foods. I love their hot bar, but it can become very expensive very quickly. This time we decided to try out the restaurant.

I ordered the Salmon with Warm Farro Salad.


And Lincoln was happy because they had pizza.


I didn’t realize it at the time, but Whole Foods discourages tipping in their restaurants since they already pay their employees fair wages. Nice to know!

We arrived in Georgia around 5pm Eastern and headed to the packet pick-up. Chickamauga doesn’t have much an an expo per se, so it was a quick in and out stop before we headed over to our hotel in Chattanooga.

After unpacking and settling in, we met up with Drew and headed out to dinner. We ended up at Big River Grille, the food was “meh” but a good time was had.


On race morning I woke up exceptionally early. I remembered that last year the traffic going into the battlefield was backed up and I was nervous about getting to the start on time. This year I made sure that I could leisurely get ready and drive to the start to find parking with no extra anxiety. As a matter of fact we ended up arriving more than an hour and a half before the start of the race. Thankfully McQueens can sleep anywhere.


The morning was cold and dark. The thermometer in the car read 32 degrees and there was ice in the grass as I trekked over to use the porto-potty with only the light of my cellphone as my guide.

During the quiet time in the car before the race started, I spent a few minutes pondering my “goal” for the day. I knew that a PR race wasn’t within my reach this year. The only training I’ve done in the last 9 months or so was for a marathon distance. Longer, slower running. Even the speedwork for a marathon is not the pace that is necessary to excel at a Half Marathon distance.

I decided that I would take this opportunity to concentrate on my pacing and to work on consistency, and finishing the last few miles strong. I aimed specifically to finish in 1:45 because when I looked at the 21 previous Half Marathons that I have run, my average pace is approximately that.

Eventually the sun came up and everyone started making their way to the starting line. I waited until the very last minute to hop out of my warm car, rushed over and picked my spot in the crowd just before the race got underway.

Chickamauga start

The first 2 miles or so I didn’t even bother looking at my Garmin to check my pace. My feet were numb from the cold and the crowd was pretty tight, so I knew I just needed to go with the flow for a little while before I locked in on my target of an 8 minute pace. I was surprised when I looked at my splits later and realized that even these first couple of miles were right on… 8:04 and 7:51.

I remembered from the previous year how incredibly beautiful this course was, the wildlife, the monuments, the gorgeous fall colors … what I didn’t remember and was quickly reminded of around the 4th mile were the very rolling hills and the camber of the road in places. Still I managed to stay pretty consistent through the next several miles … 7:55, 8:04, 7:45, 8:01, 8:01.

Miles 8-10 went by in a blur. I tried to make myself look around and enjoy the scenery, look for deer in the distance of the open fields, enjoy the cold air on my face but all I really wanted to do was focus on the music blaring in my ears and watch the ground 3 feet infront of my body. So I let myself do that. 7:54, 7:52, 8:03.

At mile 10 I was really ready to be done. My feet, legs and hands were freezing cold but my chest and my head were on fire. It was a weird sensation that I didn’t like. I wanted to take my outer long sleeve shirt off, but I had attached my bib to it, so I just rolled up my sleeves and tried to make-do. I lifted my cap off my head a little to let some cold air in and that helped some. I still just wanted to be done.

I tried to run faster, but was only able to pick it up slightly. I felt some satisfaction in catching up to and passing a couple of runners who had blown past me miles back. The last few miles felt like forever, but finally I hit the corner of Barnhardt circle, the very last stretch around the loop where the race first started. 7:48, 7:47, 7:45

And just like that it was over! My official time was 1:44:24. Overall it was a really solid run for me that I was proud of.

We stuck around and ate some Chickamauga special Banana Pudding and Chicken Noodle Soup, let Lincoln play in the grass with the other kids, and then watched the reenactors fire the cannon as the first marathoner finished before heading out to Blue Plate for lunch.


I would definitely recommend Chickamauga to anyone looking for great Fall Marathon or Half Marathon in the Southeast with lots of beautiful scenery and historical significance. Because of the small size of the race, it sells out quickly so jump on it in March when registration becomes available.

Next up: Louisiana Half Marathon on January 19th.

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Chicago Marathon 2013

A little over 3 weeks ago I was fortunate enough to run The Chicago Marathon! Waaaaaay back in February I decided on a whim to try to make one of my husband’s bucket list wishes come true, and we registered. Tim has always said that if he was to ever run a marathon he wanted it to be the Chicago Marathon. I knew from the previous year when we started toying with the idea that the race sells out quickly. In 2012 it sold out in a record 6 hours, so the moment the registration opened at noon on February 21st I was sitting infront of my computer ready to get’ta clickin’. It took about an hour of refreshing the screen over and over again to finally get through, but ultimately I was able to register myself, Tim and Drew before the server completely crashed and the registration became a lottery.

After being injured in March and April, I was finally able to start my training plan in May. I initially wanted to try out a training plan from the book Run Less, Run Faster which is a fairly intense 3-day a week running program. The program is based on 3 quality runs a week: a tempo run, an interval run and a long run. Since I planned to also continue CrossFitting through my training I thought the 3 days a week would be ideal for me but I ultimately ended up choosing a less intense Runner’s World Smart Coach program that I have used before because I felt like I wasn’t quite ready to run as hard as the RL, RF plan required.

Training through the Alabama summer was difficult at times, but it kept me motivated through a tough time of the year when it would have been easier to stay in bed. I reminded myself how sweet the payoff would be come Fall.

In the weeks leading up to the race I found myself more excited and less nervous than I ever remember feeling for previous marathons. However, in the days leading up to the race that all changed. In my final taper week aches and pains started surfacing that really put me in a bad place mentally. On top that I’m a notoriously nervous traveler, so the entire trip to Chicago was extremely stressful and then just to make matters that much more interesting I started my period the night before the race. Super duper.

I was just really an emotional, hormonal ball of nervous energy. That part was horrible, but somehow I did manage to have some fun anyway. On Friday night when we arrived, Tim and I met his boss (his company is based out of Chicago) for dinner at The Boarding House. We had a really great time and lots of yummy food and drinks.

I don’t even remember what exactly this all is, but it was good and I took pictures of it:

1457763_10202393365979085_1168966090_n 1452235_10202393235855832_782230584_n

On Saturday morning Tim, Drew and I headed down to the local Fleet Feet store to participate in a short shakeout run with Bart Yasso, stopping to take pictures along the way.

1044082_10202182655391452_1158749994_n 1378510_10202182658871539_1900668438_n

During the afternoon we hit the Expo to pick up our race packets.


By Saturday night I was a complete bundle of nerves. Tim, Drew, Drew’s friend Will and I went out to dinner at Pizano’s, a local Italian joint for our final carb loading session before the race. We waited approximately 45 minutes for a table, which was to be expected, but once we finally got seated we ended up waiting almost 2 1/2 hours longer for our pasta orders. By that point we were begging the manager to just let us leave. We ended up getting our food at almost 8:00 and wolfed it down before booking it back to the hotel. Thankfully the manager comped our entire meal, so we paid nothing but a tip to our waiter.

I set my alarm for 5:15 Sunday morning, but ended up waking up at about 4:45. Tim and I had some breakfast and coffee in our room and then went downstairs to wish Drew and Will well before they headed off to the race. They started 30 minutes before us, so we hung around a little longer and then eventually headed down ourselves.

We walked about 1/2 mile from our hotel to the starting area. Tim and I were in different starting zones so we had to suddenly separate before going through the security checkpoints, which unexpectedly overwhelmed me with emotion. I checked my gear and made my way to my starting corral. I was cold, nervous, alone and feeling very negative about the race in general, but I kept telling myself that as soon as I started actually running I would feel at home again.


I listened as the announcers started the wheelchair race, and then the elite runners. I remember thinking, “I’m about to run a race with actual Kenyans” and laughed. The first wave started, and then it seemed like no time before it was time for my wave to start. Everyone moved forward to the starting line and in just over 1 minute I was crossing the line.

I warned myself for 2 straight days to not go out too fast, so I concentrated on that. Keeping an effortless, comfortable pace. Within the first mile we went through a tunnel that completely confused my Garmin and immediately my distance was off by atleast 1/4 mile. My Garmin was essentially useless before the end of the first mile, which I never anticipated happening. Also, one of the bottles from my fuel belt bounced out of it’s holder and hit the ground during that first mile. There was no way that I could retrieve it without being trampled. During the 2nd mile I felt a little bouncy in the chest and realized that my bra had come undone. WHAT?! Seriously. So here I am trying to re-fasten my bra while running a marathon and for a split second I thought this actually might be the death of my race. I might be crazy, but I wasn’t about to run a marathon with no bra. Thankfully I was able to fix it and carry on.

Around mile 7 I started feeling some achiness in my knees, which were what were worrying me pre-race. I had a mini panic attack and then forced myself to push it aside agreeing that I would zone out and reasses the situation later.

By mile 11 I started realizing that my knees weren’t hurting any worse than before and I started to feel a little more positive. I finally started relaxing enough to take in my surroundings and get caught up in the amazing crowd support of the race. I’ve never seen anything like it! The spectators were 5-6 people deep on either side for the full length of the race.

Once I hit the Half Marathon point I felt even more confident. I actually had the thought, “I think I’m warmed up now”. Somewhere around this point I decided to pick up the pace a little bit and agreed to reasses at mile 16. By now though I had to pee … bad. I ended up having to stop just after mile 16 to hit a porta-potty. I knew I wouldn’t make it 10 more miles unless I did.

At mile 18 I was feeling so good that I just couldn’t imagine that I was going to possibly hit “the wall” in 2 miles or so. Since my distance was so off on my Garmin I only watched my overall pace time. I conservatively increased the pace a little more, still realizing that even though I felt great I had a lot of distance left to cover. At this point I started to see people dropping off to the side with obvious cramps.

I knew by mile 20 that I had run the earlier miles too slow to hit my goal time that I had in mind, but I felt absolutely wonderful so I couldn’t be upset in the least. People were dropping like flies at this point, and I was speeding up. I couldn’t help but wonder when my time was going to come. I gave myself a quick assessment. What hurts? .. Absolutely freaking nothing. .. Then go!


By mile 22 I saw more people walking than were running. I had told myself in the early miles of the race not to make the mistake of increasing my distance by weaving around people, but in the late miles it was unavoidable. The streets were more narrow and people were giving less and less shits. At one point I slammed into the back of someone who stopped to walk right in the middle of the road. I took one last Gu although I didn’t feel like my stomach could hold anymore and promised myself that when I hit mile 24 if I was still feeling good I would go all out.

I ran the 25th mile at an 8:43 pace and realized I was still slightly holding back, and then ran the 26th mile at an 8:08 pace.

ChicagoFinish 1391565_10202190155738956_477415204_n

My final time was 3:54:36. Even though this race wasn’t a PR for me, it was absolutely my best marathon ever. I overcame a lot of self doubt and anxiety. It was the first marathon I ever ran alone and the first one where I actually felt strong from beginning to end. Of course there are things looking back that I could change here or there, but I have absolutely no regrets. Chicago knows how to put on one hell of a race!

After the race, I collected my bag from the gear check, grabbed a beer, took my shoes off and sat down on the ground in Grant Park and relaxed.

I was so proud of my hubby who finished the marathon in 5:27 and Drew who PR’d (and barely missed Boston Qualifying by 3 seconds)with a time of 3:25:03.

After my previous marathons, I swore I would never do another one. Clearly that was false, but after Chicago I know I’ll do another one and I can’t wait!

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Paleo Challenge – Days 4-6

Nothing extremely interesting or blogworthy has happened in the past couple of days, so I’ll just lump them together.

Day 4 (Tuesday):

Oh wait … I lie .. that dinner was pretty blogworthy.


I completely made it up on the fly, so there is no real recipe but the sauce involved garlic, ghee, lemon juice and coconut milk. The zucchini noodles I made with this device:


I ran 4 miles in my neighborhood that morning, and was happy to be running at all … but my shoes were too tight and the humidity felt like running through soup. Luke warm soup.

Day 5 (Wednesday):

I repeated my same 4-mile run from the day before, but with different shoes and less soup.  Otherwise the day was pretty much a wash of anything productive. … I thought maybe I saw a little tiny quadricep developing so I took some baby pics:



I was HANGRY waiting on hubby to return from his evening run, so I wasted some time by making a gremolata (lemon zest, parsley, shallots) for our green beans to keep myself busy.


Zesting lemons is a workout in its own right.

Day 6 (Today, Thursday):


When your breakfast is canned tuna on lettuce with salsa, thats a tell-tale sign its time to grocery shop.


My major accomplishment for today was convincing my husband that the “special group warm-up” at CrossFit tonight was a rousing game of Red Rover.

In actuality it was burpees to the song Roxanne. He was disappointed.

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June Paleo Challenge – Days 1-3

Every month CrossFit Intrigue has some sort of optional challenge that members can participate in. Last month the challenge was a physical one: 2 minute max effort – burpees, box jumps and air squats, one movement each week. I came in 2nd place.

Thiiiiiiiis month the challenge is a nutritional one: eat Paleo all month. Points are awarded for compliance and deducted for cheats. Since I’ve done a Paleo “challenge” (Whole30) before and eat that way most of the time anyway, there is really no reason I shouldn’t win this thing. And there are prizes at stake. <— I almost wrote “steak”. See I even think Paleo. 😛

I’m probably more excited about this challenge than I really should be, but because I’ve struggled with injuries so much lately I really need something that I can focus on. I feel like when I don’t have a plan, a calendar, to-do lists, etc … that I’m just floundering around aimlessly.

So I do things like this:


I can’t decide if I’m just super prepared, or a complete freak. It is what it is, I guess.

The challenge. Back to that.

It officially started Saturday, so naturally I blew it out on Friday night with chocolate and copious amounts of wine. Tim got cold busted by one of our coaches purchasing said chocolate. COLD BUSTED.

Saturday morning it was ON though. I got up and headed to CrossFit for a super fun Team WOD. We started with a Musical Med Ball, Bear Crawl warm-up …

It was a unique warm-up for sure. But it definitely worked.

Our WOD was a fun one as well! In teams of 3, we took turns cleaning (Clean Video) as much weight as possible in 15 minutes. My team of myself, Clint and Matt moved over 5,000 pounds in 15 minutes!

20130601_100335 578053_10201199670938220_1027746442_n

New Clean PR in the midst of that for me too. 105 pounds!

Saturday’s eats:

20130601_115252 20130601_181746 945423_10201256077267578_1230471090_n

Oh yeah … either 6oz of wine or 2 oz of tequila is required allowed on this challenge per day.

Sunday I ran my longest distance in nearly a month, 5 miles! Our friend Lauren and I, met Tim at the mid-point of his 10 miler and finished it out with him. Hopefully my legs will continue to cooperate.

Sunday’s eats:

Screenshot_2013-06-03-15-19-23 20130531_071840 20130602_114519 20130602_181701

I was hungry ALL.DAMN.DAY.

Apparently I can run 5 miles, but eat like I ran 10. Or maybe its because I had to watch Lincoln eat popcorn when we went to the movies and I was hangry about it.

All in all, still a successful day.

Today I’ve had another spin on sausage and sweet potatoes for breakfast. This time cubed the potatoes and roasted them with Chinese 5-spice. Lunch was a weird mixture I concocted of lettuce, canned tuna, cherry tomatoes, avocado, Paleo Bang Bang Sauce and salsa. And dinner will be Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs.

Hopefully if I can show some self-control and sabotage my husband, over the next 27 days, I’ll complete and maybe even win this challenge.


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Country Music Half Marathon & Hero for Heroes CrossFit Competition

I haven’t written anything in over 2 months because that time has just big one big cluster of suck. You know how your momma taught you “if you can’t say anything nice …”? Yeah.

On April 27th, I completed my 21st Half Marathon in Nashville at the Country Music Marathon and Half. You might remember that last year I did the full marathon and had an amazing experience. I felt great, I did great … I was looking forward to having a blast again this year minus the extra 13.1 miles.

In reality this happened:


Cold, blindingly hard rain from the very beginning through the very end that never let up. I couldn’t even lift my face up without being absolutely pelted.

From the start of the race I could tell that due to my previous injury and recovery time, that I hadn’t quite built back up my cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. It was taking more effort than is typical for me to run a very modest race pace. At about mile 6.5 I started having similar pain that I experience in my calf at the Georgia Half, but it was in the opposite leg. THIS DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE!

At that point I was frustrated, but refused to be defeated. I walked and ran back and forth between the two and was able to ultimately cross the finish line, with a time of: 1:54:35! My worst half marathon time to date.

The good: I got to spend the weekend hanging out with one of my best friends, his girlfriend and my family. Lots of fun was had!

554709_10201057662267327_1751042899_n (1)48001_10201058955699662_2144893080_n

I left Tennessee with a sense of not knowing where I stood with running though. And I didn’t like it.

Over the next several weeks, I cut way back on my running which was causing pain and stuck to only doing low impact cardio such as the elliptical and biking. I also continued to do CrossFit up to 3 times a week.

On May 18th, I took part in my very first CrossFit Competition called Hero 4 Heroes.  The first workout of the day was called “Danny”: As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 minutes of – 30 box jumps, 20 Push Press, 30 Pull-Ups (or Ring Rows).

487634_4758307162470_1874435637_n  943288_4758307322474_588856500_n 603761_10200623689727280_515078143_n


The 2nd WOD (only a few minutes later) was out on the field. “Brenton” is 100ft bear crawl, 100ft broad jumps back – for every 5 broad jump do 3 burpees. All of this x 5 rounds.

943147_655601634466439_787687199_n 968865_655599951133274_1479973479_n941448_4758318762760_1734722983_n


Even more intense. Maybe. I still can’t decide.

I had a great time at the competition even though it was very intense, I enjoyed pushing myself and being around super competitive but supportive people.

I tied for fourth place in my division.

The next morning after the competition, I woke up and could barely walk. Not only because I was so sore, but because my left calf was swollen to almost twice its original size. The muscle and even the skin on my leg hurt to touch. I spent most of last week resting, going back and forth to doctor’s appointments and popping Ibuprofen.

Things have settled down now, my leg pain is gone (hopefully for good, but we’ll see) and I’ve started working my running mileage back up. I started with only 1 mile at a time, did that twice … then went up to 2 miles, etc. Now I’m back up to 3 miles and hoping to increase a little faster from here. Chicago is still 5 months away, but its time to start getting serious about training!

I’m looking forward with positivity and excitement!

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